Gluten Free Diabetes Breakfast- The Mixed Whole Grain Flour

How about you add water to the mixed whole grain gluten-free flour and boil the mixture for around 5 minutes? That is all about it.  Add your nuts and fruits to the slurry as optional.

or even easier you roast the store-bought Gluten Free Mixed Whole Grain Flour before and store. All you do is add hot water, and stir to a slurry. Add nuts and seeds, and fruits to top it off. Or add honey and yogurt to the slurry to try another variation to try out.

It works if you are type 1, or type 2 or trying to prevent diabetes as your diabetic-friendly breakfast.

The Gluten Free Diabetes Breastfast- The Mixed Whole Grain Flour As Is!

Gluten-Free-Diabetes-Breakfast-with Med whole-Grain -Flour


I am a 99.5% oatmeal eater with fruits and nuts every day as my breakfast for years. It really does help keep my sugar and cholesterol at desirable numbers and my doctor is happy.

So why is the change? Just to see if the gluten-free mixed grain flour can equally replace my gluten-free or even regular oatmeal cereal. Is it as tasty?

Is it not boring to find to eat food when you are a diabetic (type 1 or type 2)? Having a variety of food in your arsenal can help boost your hunger just by looking at them, not the same one you ate yesterday and the day before.

Here is a self-made easy recipe from the gluten-free mixed whole grain flour used just as is to serve you as your breakfast. The gluten-free diet has been a part of the prevention of diabetes and of diabetic living.     

A simple, healthy, diabetes-friendly breakfast that you can change to varieties with little manipulation seems appealing to me. Would not you?

Let’s see what it is and how we make this one-piece ingredient into a complete and super delicious diabetes breakfast meal.

 Ingredients and the Nutrition- One Piece Nutritious Breakfast

Ingredients and Associated Nutrition

The single ingredient is a mixture of all these nutritious whole grains ground into a combined flour: Amarnath, Sorghum, Finger Millet, Rice, Corn, Soybean

A single serving  (1/4 cup, 30 g, based on a 2000 cal diet) of the mixed flour contains

118 calories and 18 cal from fat with no saturated fat and cholesterol

7% of carb, 12% of dietary fiber

4 grams of protein

39% of Iron, 3% Calcium, and 5% Vitamin C.


Gluten-Free Diabetics Breakfast-  Appetizing and Simple


1/4 cup of the mixed whole grain gluten-free flour

1 cup water

optional: Nuts and seeds, fruits (fresh or frozen). Used only seeds here.

1 tbsp of milled Chia and Flax seeds for this breakfast

1/4 cup frozen Blueberries, 1/4 of a medium peach sliced, 2 small pieces of ripe mango

Tools Used



  1. Spray coconut oil on the dry cooking pot.
  2. Warm the oil on low flame.
  3. Add the flour.
  4. Spread the flour using a spoon.
  5. In low flame, roast this flour in a pot for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Add 1/2 cup of water and warm to boil the slurry.
  7. Turn the heat off.
  8. While the mixture is cooling, add the sees-nut mixture.
  9. It was done in a few minutes. Top it off with fruits. I used frozen blueberries, sliced peaches, and a couple of mango slices to top it off.


Gluten-Free-Diabetics-Breakfast- The mixed-Wholegrain-Flour


Challenge and manage your diabetes with a nutritious breakfast to start your day.

Have fiber, carbs from whole grains, minerals, and vitamins.

Just because you are suffering from Diabetes, you never end up with food options that are diabetes-friendly.

Manage the food and challenge diabetes without losing to your taste bud. Be on the look and be creative to add simplicity without compromising nutrition. You can customize it to your simple base breakfast. I tried the honey and yogurt version. Another day I added sliced pieces of banana as my fruit and mixed seeds. I loved them.

Management of diabetes hinges upon the kind of food you consume as a major part. Breakfast is the major meal of the day.

Add daily exercise, and adequate hydration, and get your optimal Vitamin D, manage your stress to help you go easy with diabetes

Disclaimer: I am not a certified professional or dietician. Ask your physician or dietician if you are good to go with this breakfast which is gluten-free.


Anusuya Choudhury

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