The Environment Helps Reduce Weight- Destress the stress

Can you take your health wherever you go? Is Health always a priority for you? Extra body weight is a burden in the current society. It was promoted by the recent pandemic, where the movement of the people was restricted. Exercising mixing with other people was limited, raising the obese population. Working at home added to that. It is needless to say; we were living in a stressful environment. You carry a stress weight. It is helpful to know you can beat stress with diet

A plausible way to eat clean all around is still possible. Whether you are at home or outside, at a friend’s party, or dining at a buffet doesn’t matter. It is creating that kind of vibe around your life and living.

The environment helps reduce weight. How?

Let’s see how.

Knowing about health and a healthy diet is one thing. Eating them in every meal needs an environment conducive to your eating.

What is the best environment to get nutrients for nutrition and intervene in your body weight?

Abandon eating habits that increase your weight?

Eat too many times a day or fast a day.

Eat whatever is available without thinking about nutrition.

Eat sugary, salty, ultra-processed, fried food.

Grab sugary soda, juice, tea, coffee, candies, and chocolates.

Hang out with friends and follow their unhealthy habits.

Get into the vending machines for processed snack packets.

Consuming excessive foods in sit-down restaurants offering buffets with the sign “all you can eat.”

 If you are not allowing yourself to cook and prepare healthy meals, then the option when you are hungry is to grab easily accessible food, which may only add extra calories.

On vacation, stay in a lavish hotel where everything available is available to impress you-here you may get carried out and try out new or stay with old and exotic and have no time to read the levels, so how do you center yourself to keep in line and not slip too much.

Create your environment.

The key- learn and get into your heart the foods that help you lose weight and keep it up, which is even more challenging. This ingrained knowledge will work when you are trying to pick the wrong over the right. Your hands will only proceed once that knowledge kicks in.

It is like everything where knowledge sharpens your mind for the desired action.

Cook your meal starting from scratch. So, you pick your grocery. 

Make a solid grocery list and save it to track your stock. You have access to the App to suggest https://www.noom.com/you the portion, amount, and how to cook-get that. In school and high-time demanding jobs, this has found success. No waste, no unhealthy options. To get all the ingredients, have access to online shopping and delivery? That may work.

Bake salmon and save a portion or two for the next time around.

Boil several eggs.

If you cook these proteins, save a portion for the next meal.

Cook whole grains and save them to use for a few days. Brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, Lentils, and varieties of Beans.

Cut fruits and vegetables to help yourself throughout the day. Personalize your nutrition.

Going out!- Carry some fresh whole fruits  (you eat fiber, which helps to satiety and does not make you hungry often).

Have organic Greek yogurt, low-fat creme cheese, and hummus.

Bake some veggies-cauliflower, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, onions, and Garlic.

In a restaurant- Learn to estimate portion sizes or how to measure the portions. 

Learn the fat content of the menu items and other dishes on a buffet table.

Pick and choose.

Are You a Picky Eater? Think your gut

You are too picky and hate diverse food and recipes. Read your message from the gut that controls your overall health; mental, brain, inflammatory diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, immunity, and digestion issues. Healthy gut bacteria love diverse foods.

Adding a small amount of healthy unknown food (you never tried) and making it a part of your daily habit.

Add exercise to a sustainable weight loss plan along with a healthy lifestyle with no smoking and limiting your alcohol intake.

Are You a Frequent Eater? Have less Available

That works for me if you are always at home. Leaving outside and working outside of the house surely helps.

Help the Mother Earth and Climate with Upgrade to your Choicest Nutrition 

Eating sustainably and climate-friendly, including reducing the meat we eat and, growing your food, buying local and seasonal foods. Let zero waste be your footprint by reducing food waste and packaging.

If it helps, stick a motivating picture and some positive notes on the dining area and the places you visit often.

Let us know your way, and please comment and ask if you have questions.


Anusuya Choudhury

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