Save Mother Earth-A Poetry that Foretells Our Fate

Poetry that reflects our future after our emotional detachment with our Mother Earth. It’s an attempt to fathom the depth of the situation when we would be left with nothing but regret and suffering.

Save-Mother-Earth-A Poetry











Swinging on Mother Earth’s cradle,

She asked me,

“What’s your urge, little girl, what do you foresee?”

To that, I’d say,

“I’ve split my face into two halves.

One, beaming with the brightness and comfort

of your lap.

Other, screaming on being asphyxiated.

The agony of wanting to save you,

but losing one of you, every single day,

is perforating my soul.

Each of your deaths is snatching away

my oxygen, my dopamine, my freedom.

It’s 2080!

I’ve struggled to find this last white sheet,

inside our last wooden box.

All made from you, so I’m writing to you.

You’re the last one and your cradle,

the last heavenly object,

in the wild spreading evil inferno.

This poem is contributed by Ms. Sampurna Sahoo to my Website, a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student at VSSUT, Burla.


Anusuya Choudhury


  1. Wow, this is truly impressive Anusuya! Thank you for sharing this awesome poem written by Ms. Sampurna Sahoo. I must admit the fact that she did a really nice job putting this beautiful poem together and I enjoyed every bit of it. Our mother earth truly needs our help. A few of us have tried what we could to no avail. Who’d come to our rescue? I really wished things get better. Let’s keep striving in our own little way.


    • Thank you, dear for sharing your great thought on Mother Earth. 

       I am glad that you liked the poem. 

      Ms. Sampurna will love your comment.


      The earth is our mother,
      We will not have another.
      There’s no better place to find
      For animals, plants, mankind.

      Green woods, beautiful lakes,
      Nature has got what it takes.
      We have to keep clean the air,
      As environment everywhere.

      Put an end to coal mining,
      Nuclear power and fracking.
      Climate concerns all nations,
      Just as plastic in the oceans.

      For good living day and night
      Must change darkness and light.
      Our planet, so wonderful blue,
      We will always protect, we do!

      Rainer Kirmse , Altenburg

      Thuringia / Germany

      With kind regards

      • Hi Rainer,
        Thank you for your lovely words on Mother Earth and taking the time to read it. My apology for being physically challenged to reply you sooner.
        Kind regards,

  2. Save mother earth must be an indirect statement to mean saving humanity. Humanity cannot conquer the earth, it’s the earth that will conquer humanity after she cradled us with her love.

    From worse to worst mother earth will regain its original splendor and glory when the abusive generations will cease.

    When the abusive humanity will vanquish all the vegetations over mother earth the result will be a lack of oxygen for the whole humanity to eventually perish. After that, the earth will grow all its vegetation, restore all its wildlife. If new humanity will exist they will enjoy a new earth that is like new heaven. The process will repeat itself if an abusive generation will occur again.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for your concern, cause and remedy for mother earth. I cann’t agree with you more.

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