How Do You Relieve Your Layoff Stress Using Passion to Build a Life Time Income [Mechanism of Wealth Building]


How Do You Convert Your Layoff Stress and Sickness to Financial Wellness?

Can you really?

Now the anxiety is over. You got the news confirmed. You have your pink slip and package, that your manager handed you over wishing you all the best for your future. You no longer have to go to work. If you are lucky there is few weeks severance written on your letter. That is the money for now (+ your savings). 

The uncertainty of securing another job specially during this Pandemic brings more stress than solving your financial crisis. You get unemployment benefits and again it depends. Until you have another something to help you with financial help, you are scared to touch your savings. That may be your last resort to touch and then! 

Financial stress is one of the biggest stress, because you may lose your shelter, food, health insurance, losing utilities, debt paying and you name it. Where is your life then?

How much stress one can handle? You may get angry, go for a state of denial, thinking how much you have helped your company you worked for and your manager. All your little (or may be big) happiness now is gone and you are in the world of stress making your mind numb.

The essence of the beautiful life is gone from living. 

We have published a blog on how to relieve stress to help you.

How Do You Relieve Your Layoff Stress Using Passion to Build a Life Time Income?

 It looks almost impossible. Let’s delve in.

Diversion is Oneway to take leave of absence  from your sick mind

Pproductive thoughts of solving the biggest problem of life can sooth your mind a bit? 

Leave No Stone Unturned in Applying for New Jobs:

 Action Creates Enthusism

  • Brush off your resume
  • Network with you friends, colleagues  and connect with more if you find it appropriate. 
  • Connect with a Recruiter
  • Post your resume on Social media like LinkedIn.. 

Practice Wealth Building Using Your Passion

Identify Your Passion 

Write them on a paper if you have forgotten or they are put in your back burner because of your time  demanding job. 

Passion is happiness of your mind. It gives you personal pleasure. Thinking of something you always loved will distract your mind from stress.

Where does passion end up in the wealth building game? Does this thinking even have merit? 

Yes, it has done for me and many. It will do for you. Not overnight but overtime. 

How About Building Something of Your Own Out of Your Passion?: Be Your Own Boss! 

Is n’t it the best idea? No layoffs. But can you be successful? Businesses need a huge amount of Money to build and assuming you have no knowledge the chances of success is low or may be none. Loss of money and more frustrations to invite into a torn life. 

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However using a premium membership can give you lot more. This absolutely awesome training teaches you ways to build business.

Can Building Up a Business Reduce Yours Stress Level?

I believe so. 

In the current age of huge internet penetration you are a click away from any body. Specially during pandemic the online businesses are exploding. It is predicted 2020-2026 tree will be massive growth of online business. What can be a better time than this?

If you act now, it can change your financial future.

If you get a job you can work on the side. Many people are doing it. This can help get you a supplemental income and eventually a full income to switch from your 9-5 job.

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