Life Poem-How I Woke Up To a Different Truth

I Saw a Dream…My Life Poem By:

Author: Ms. Sampurna Sahoo (Mechanical Engineer)

Manager, Sinter Plant


Currently looking after sinter production KPO division



Life Poem-How I Woke Up To a Different Truth – Stay Away From the Stupidity That Dragged Me Down

Life Poem-How I woke up to a Different Truth


It took a dream to realize my freedom, freedom felt windy and happy just the way an airplane feels when it pierces through the air. I realized how beautiful I am and how tradition is all wrapped around my skin, imbibed in me. For a long time, I thought about the pain and suffering that I’ve been through but I woke up to a different truth that I have been hiding from myself. Pain is a pain when you think of it that way, it’s all in our heads. Everything is what we make out of it. When I realized so I stayed away from the stupidity that dragged me down. I gave my soul the love and warmth it desires and I realized I had a lot of love in me and I can fill the world with that.

Do you have a dream? How do you make it happen?

Please share your thoughts and comments on mine.

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