How to Walk Like a Pro [Feel the Heal]

Poor walking etiquette adds injury, makes you feel tired, and impacts the overall mental (1) and physical benefits (upcoming blog) that one could get out of walking.

Let’s optimize it for better results based on advanced science and really walk like a pro to reap the maximum benefits.

Walk with the Correct Posture-Right and Wrong


1.   Know the correct posture for walking for exercise. Walk with the right posture to maximize the added value of a walk. Deviation from this posture may be the cause of some other diseases.

Poor walking etiquette adds injury, makes you feel tired, and impacts the overall mental (2) and physical benefits (upcoming blog) that one could get out of walking.

Stand up straight. Your neck and head should be in alignment with your shoulders. Point your toes forward and squeeze your butt cheeks together. That puts your hips in (mostly) proper alignment. Obviously, it is hard to maintain, but be mindful of the position you trying to maintain while walking.

2.     Breath Clean Air

Choose a dust-free, open space with green trees and close to a waterfront preferably.


3.     Turn off your cell phone and listen to nature. Enjoy the true pleasure of walking undisturbed.

4.     If you can’t get away from a polluted area, use a face mask to cover your nose and ears to reduce exposure to pollution.

5. Warm-up starting slow, brisk-walk then end up walking slowing the pace (3).

6. If you are not able to walk for 30 minutes at a stretch per day, break it into three 10 minutes walk to enjoy the full benefits.

7. Why is stretching necessary during the walk?

Why-is-stretching-necessary-during-the- walk

The neck, hip, back thighs, scapula muscles will get tight while you walk. So for that, you have to do stretching before and after once in 2 to 3 days. For an irregular worker warm and cool down is a must.

8.     Use appropriate sunscreen and cover the head while walking under a bright sun.

9.     Wear a pair of shoes which is one size up. Feel the comfortability of shoes.

10.    Eat a small pre-workout snack like cereal, a sweet potato or so to curb appetite during walking.

11.   Map your route before you start. Plan to cover areas of natural beauty if there are around you. Waterfronts, forests with green trees create a positive vibe during your walk.

12.    You can walk at any time of the day but it is helpful if it is a bit lighted around. It makes you feel fresh.

13. Select a plane surface on earth to walk.

14.   Walking barefoot has been recommended to neutralizes undesired radicals and charges generated inside and from outside in your body. They can react with the DNA, lipids and other systems to deteriorate your body and vital organs.

15.   Regular brisk walking can help you relieving major diseases. The speed of brisk walking is “steps per minute” and is different for different people depending on their level of fitness. 100 steps per minute are considered ideal. Try to pack 7000 to 10,000 steps on an average.

In a study, those who took 15,000 or more steps per day tended to have BMIs in the normal, healthy range. Walk to get the numbers up.

Equip yourself with a measuring app that can tell you the distance that traveled in miles, number of steps, calories burned at the very minimum. This encourages you to walk more.


17.    Practice walking on the stairs to go up. Park your car far off from the office and walk. Create walking opportunities always to boost the step numbers.

18.   If you are a pet lover, walk with your pet friend. You can walk in a group or with a couple of friends to celebrate the pleasure and benefits of walking.

19.   Yogis have added different forms of pranayama to brisk walking to exponentially benefit from the walk-exercise.

20.  Walking just after a meal seems to be more effective for weight loss (4).

21.  Walk for those who cannot do it and help the funding organizations.

22. Use your judgment to be safe when walking.

23.   Take your doctor’s advice before you start.

A Few Words of Cautions!

·       If you are feeling light-headed or tired, retire temporarily.

·       Try to exercise indoor if you can in case of hot weather.

·       Hydrate your body drinking plenty of water during the course of exercise

·       Drinking water will help lower your blood sugar.

Enjoy the ample benefits of walking by walking correctly. Correcting walking makes you feel always better with no discomfort.

Happy walking!



  1. An interesting post! I never thought that walking also had its own technique. And because of your article, I became thinking that my way (including many people) is often wrong. Thats why, I really thankful for your writing.
    To be honest, I am very interested with the technique especially in posture. Over time, my walking posture is wrong.
    And speaking about walking like a pro. Do you have any suggestion, how many steps a day should I do?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Asmadi,

      I am glad to know that you will get your walking posture right. Keep it up.

      Thank you for visiting the post.

  2. Hey, Thank you for guide on walking like a pro. I enjoy your article very much and learn a lot. We have to choose a dust-free, open space with green trees and close to a waterfront preferably. Drinking water will help lower our blood sugar. Hydrate your body drinking plenty of water during the course of exercise. Your guide is very helpful & correct posture for walking is very important.

    Thank you


    • Hi Parveen,

      I am glad that you liked the article and found it helpful.

      Thank you for time reading the post.

      Happy walking.

  3. This article was of a great benefit to me because I am  active person, I work out regularly. I have been exercising for the  past twelve years, but I never knew my posture during walking was benefit for my health. Thank you for this great post. Once again I was inspired.  Thank you 

    • Hi Randy,

      I am glad that you are an active person. It is good that the article helped you a little in honing the walking exercise.

      Thank you for your time.

  4. Thank you very much for the advice, I really love long-walking from my dorm to my office. I usually take a small break during my walk to enjoy the nature along the way. I kinda forgot about my body posture when walking, thanks for reminding how should I walk everyday. Oh, do you have any recommended app to track the walking steps? Thanks 

    • Hi Alblue,

      That is really wonderful to have a walk from dorm to office. It is also a good habit to pass by nature during a break to relax the mind. I use the iPhone to track my steps and also use that to take any pictures if I pass by along the way.

      Thank you for your time visiting my site and sharing your experience.

  5. Hello there. This is a very powerful, well structured and informative article and guide on how to walk like a pro. I am someone that loves walking and it has even become a part of me. Although I can enjoy walking alone, some of my friends enjoy walking with someone; as a matter of fact, that’s when they love walking.

    Thanks for the tips for healthy walking.

    • Hi dear,

      Walking is a powerful but underestimated exercise. It is good that it is part of you. I am the same way and also enjoy walking myself or with my only daughter.

      Enjoy the simplicity of this workout as you always have been.

  6. Great info. I walk a lot, and it’s done wonders for me! I heard that walking barefoot was good for people, but the only time I really do that is if I’m at the beach, swimming and what not. But I do think people in general underestimate the power of walking. 

    • Hi there,

      I am glad to know that walking has helped you. I absolutely agree with you that walking is an underestimated form of exercise. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Your topic about walking is important.  Walking is a basic form of exercise, but as you explain in this article, doing it correctly makes all the difference.  I liked your simple, direct approach to explaining the correct way to walk.  I think we all take for granted our walking without actually paying much attention to how important walking correctly is to our overall health.  We can not take walking for granted as easily after reading your article.  Thanks for making the points you did.     

    • Hi there,

      Is it not always how you do it correctly than just doing it without the knowledge of the technique. I have corrected over this simple but powerful exercise to benefit my overall health.

      Thank you for your time reading the article.

      Happy walking.

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