How Can Diabetics Boost Their Energy- What Is The Secret?

Being tired and staying tired can be the synonym for a diabetic sufferer. It also happens that sometimes you have not been tested for diabetes or were tested and found pre-diabetic. The confusion can be you feel you are tired because of the work exertion, how that may not go away after resting. You feel lethargic and you are performing at your capacity.  You feel a lack of energy and are fatigued. It builds frustration if not taken off.

Here are your good and revamped science-based new secrets to positively boosting energy as a diabetic.


Picture: How can a diabetics boost energy- What is the secret?


  1. Check your blood sugar level and HbA1c. When was your last checkup? Talk to your doctor.
  2. Revisit your lifestyle and evaluate

    1. Are your meals healthy, nutritious, and personalized?

      Do you realize the kind of treatment you get may not be the same for another diabetic? The food and nutrition for every patient can be different.

    2. Risk-free exercise of the right amount is the key to the success of elevating energy and vitality.

Exercising excessively may increase the risk of diabetes.  Some exercises may not be suitable for you. Follow the advice of the diabetes specialist. CDC recommends 2.5 hours of exercise per week.  The recommendation is not to miss your exercise for consecutive days. Include noninvasive exercises, yoga, and aerobics in your daily walking routine.

3. Easy to Forget-Water is Life!

Take your acidity away by drinking a glass of water first ritual in the morning in an unbrushed mouth. Get the accumulated saliva into your body that is built overnight. It helps positivity your diabetic body as per Ayurveda. This was tried and tested by may. Stay hydrated and make sure to do it by checking the water drinking time and how much.

4. Train Your brain to be conscious-Stop draining vital energy by being stressed and reduce overworking.

5. Beat the Frailty Risk- Break up your bad habits: How much fatty, preservative-loaded refined foods do you treat yourself with every day? Practice clean food, and quit smoking, over drinking. Consistent practice makes you perfect.

6. Are you Vitamin D sufficient? Do you need a supplement- check it out? Stay knowledgeable. Institute of medicine has elevated the vitamin D level.

7. The consistency to quality day after day: May Sound Easy but really not: – Are you complying with the daily diabetic routine that you have and okayed by your diabetes specialist, dietician, and the diabetes team?

Here Are a Few Of The Details of the Above Highlights

  • Check your blood sugar level and HbA1c without neglecting:

    Most often,  the health care practitioner two per year laboratory blood tests to check your blood glucose and your HbA1c test. you also get other measurements of the essential parameters to see your lipid, nutrient level, etc. If you are declining your tests, you take adequate and necessary precautions as prescribed by the diabetes specialists. These tests become a new baseline for the following one. Never miss the follow-up. In case of an emergency reschedule the appointment to a later date.

  • Eat fresh, eat clean, eat whole grain food

    , and use~45 mL/per day per person. Use a detailed personalized diabetes type 2 grocery list so as not to forget vital nutrients. Research reports (Energy and Exercise per research)– that high energy intake levels have been shown to increase diabetes risk by 11% to 26%, whereas adequate levels of physical activity reduce risk by 8% as per the experts.

  • Exercising excessively or choosing the wrong exercises

    may increase the risk of diabetes. Add a variety of movements to your body- exercising enough using the right exercise that helps our body is vital. Here is what Ben StutchburyPh.D. A student in Cell Biology (1) says.

‘I would recommend that you don’t attempt that. It could be dangerous. Let me just check with the doctor.’ 

Get recommendations from your physician or diabetes specialist and the diabetic team.

Hope all these tips, hacks and knowledge works to have a healthier and better life as a diabetic.

Disclosure! Although I have tried my best to include scientific research and added my own experience, I would strongly recommend speaking with your diabetes specialists and the team along with the nutritionist.

Anusuya Choudhury

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