Daily Water Intake Calculator- Personalized Requirements from IOM & EFSA

Why does one need to be adequately hydrated? What is the importance of adequate hydration?

Answer to these two questions in nutshell are severe dehydration can make your cells shrink and eventually die, over drinking water can be quite risky for your health.

How much water one drink per days to stay hydrated? It is a vital question and should be taken seriously.

Knowledge of how much water intake can keep you adequately hydrated can empower you to maintain and sustain a good overall health.

Having a calculator that can calculate daily water intake will be a great help to the society as a whole.

Factors-for-water intake-calculation


Here is an authoritative calculator published which is developed jointly and published by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and Institute of Medicine (IOM). The calculator takes into account

  • One’s age: Know your age.
  • Weight and height: there are basically two systems.
    • If you like to use your weight in kilograms (kg, metric systems), input your height in centimeters.
    • Using pound (lb) as your measurement of weight, you use feet and inches as your input height.
  • Gender
  • Exercise level
  • Environmental conditions

How to Use the Water Intake Calculator

This is how the calculator looks like.Water-Calc -tables


  • For ease of conversion of water volume you may use the following table.

Water volume conversion

  • From left to right you fill in your age in years. To do that click on “your age” and put in your age.
  • Moving across, click and you hit on a submenu.
  • Pick and choose your desired option from





  • Moving down in the left hand side. Click on height and plug in your height in feet.
  • Next along the line, fill in the inches part of the height.
  • Moving down on the extreme left end, plug in your weight in pound (lbs) or Kg.
  • At the extreme right corner, insert your activity level by clicking the appropriate option from the submenu.
  • The last factor that needs to be filled in is the environmental conditions. Here are the options to choose from.

Extreme Hot- Arid or Desert Conditions

Normally Warm environment

Normally cool environment

Extreme cold- at, near or below freezing. Fill in your option in the box.

  • Finally press the “calculate“ button to get your daily intake of water.
  • The amount of daily water intake is displayed in different units for your convenience.

Table-1 demonstrates how a completely filled table for a 63 years old male of 5 feet 6 inches height with 147 lbs.

Table-2 shows the per day water intake no for a male with punching in the parameters in the original boxes.

Table-3 calculated results is the same as Table-2, however it is for a female.

You can use this simple calculator to find your water requirements for different weather conditions and various activity levels you are at.


Water is vital for life. We need adequate intake of water for

  • Survival
  • Growth
  • All our body functions and much more.

Use this calculator to calculate your personalized amount to stay adequately hydrated. This amount can come from coffee, tea, other beverages, fruits and vegetables, soups (-20% together)along with plane water.


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