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Hi there,

Welcome to my Healthy and Beautiful Skin Website. I appreciate your interest and thank you for stopping by. I am so excited to share my personal experience with severe Vitamin-D deficiency resulting in skin and body symptoms and how I got cured along with some other details.

About Anusuya

I am Anusuya Choudhury Ph.D., an experienced drug development chemist, intimately associated with Ayurveda style of living and ancient Indian home remedy. Here is the snapshot of my life journey.

I was born and brought up in a low middle-class family in rural India. Our living was inspired by Ayurveda and any ailments or symptoms were treated using a home remedy. In spite of my huge interest in nutrition, I was unable to know what is the right food to eat to maintain a good health during my growing up. I lived on organic food and dairy in everyday life. After my M.S., I came to the US for Graduate studies.

In Grad school, the chemistry lab was on the 13th floor in New York City. I commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Starting the day before sunrise and closing the day close to midnight became the new normal for 6 years. The same situation happened when I was in the postdoctoral lab at the University of Pennsylvania followed by over two decades of corporate America jobs in a health care industry that was highly demanding. The job was my life and took priority over everything.

Visiting my past, I was never exposed to direct sun for decades. I did not do any health checkup either because I didn’t have any problem managing my day-to-day activities until I participate in health screening out of curiosity.

My Story of Health and Skin-An Eye-Opening Experience

I was diagnosed with prediabetes syndrome at the age of 57 in a company health fair. This led me to a doctor who identified my severely deficient Vitamin-D level (4 ng/ mL) in the blood serum. My blood sugar and cholesterol levels were off as well. I was prescribed with 50,000 IU prescription Vitamin-D2 once in a week for six months followed by a daily dose of vitamin-D3 2000 IU, an OTC medication.

My doctor associated me with a dietitian and I was prescribed for an eye test. For the first time, I got a formal education about healthy diet which I was looking for from my early childhood. I worked out regularly as per her advice.

To make a long story short I changed from a completely vegetarian diet and became Pescatarian. Here are the consequences of Vitamin-D deficiencies which got cured that I could see and experience in front of my own eyes.

  • My dry and flaky skin existed over the years ended.
  • Multiple white benign spots which were on my foot disappeared like a miracle.
  • One of my family members who was suffering from a patch of Eczema, bothering him for a long time was automatically taken care of using Vitamin-D supplement per his Doctor’s advice.
  • My face looked smooth and radiant.
  • My blood sugar numbers were curbed.
  • Very surprisingly I did not have to use glasses for driving. My eyesight improved to 20/20 vision.
  • My hair which was falling like crazy stopped and became dense.
  • Excessive sweating on my forehead at night stopped.
  • My body weight took a dive and I reduced my weight from 181 lb to 148 lb over 2.5 years without any sort of dieting.
  • My energy level was up on any day.
  • Recently my friend’s husband had several bumps in his neck, swelling foot and had excessive sweating. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. This is just to reveal that a skin symptom can be used as a diagnostic tool. He is currently under treatment.

These were eye-opening experiences and encouraged me to read and learn more about skin and overall health.

What I learned and Have Been Learning

Beauty is not skin deep but it can be the ambassador of your inner health.

I am saddened by the shocking fact that 75% of the world’s population is deficient in Vitamin-D and over 40% of Americans adults have been identified with D-deficiency. I am sure people are ignoring the subtle symptoms early like I was.

Vitamin-D science is evolving at a rapid pace. More symptoms are included almost on daily basis to Vitamin-D domain. How will you differentiate Vit-D benefits alone preventing and curing diseases in this convoluted space?

Vitamin-D deficiency identification costs money. It seems Federal Govt. is not for it. The evolving world of Vit-D research is bringing out a myriad of symptoms from diabetics to dementia.

Most diseases are related to Vit-D by observational studies not by clean and independent experiments, which will take time for solid establishment. By the time you get all the conclusive results, there will be more D-deficient people. Who wants to see that?

On My Way to Give Back

I will feel irresponsible and would not sleep well if I can not help the situation.

I have been associated with friends and family in rural India and educating them about skin health and Vitamin-D deficiency. It is a genuine pleasure to see improvement in people’s health.

As an avid reader, updating my knowledge from high-quality authentic sources I want to be the ambassador of my personal knowledge and experience gathered over decades.

During this exploration, I found conflicting information about Vitamin-D deficiency from different sources. Some folks are undermining the importance Vitamin-D. I would struggle to find the legitimate information. You might go to that school of thought and it is easy to ignore.

I am so privileged to be at this era of science that touch of a button can make my knowledge reaching around the world. There is no better platform than the internet.

The website will use my ever growing combined knowledge of personal experiences on the skin and overall health related to vitamin-D, Ayurveda, and ancient India home remedies to help people around the world to uplift their immense wealth: the health.

Prevention is Better than Cure

As it is said, “Prevention is better than Cure”. Taking proactive measures of knowing your Vitamin-D nutrient status during your physical checkup can tremendously help. The good news is if you are found deficient, it could be handled adhering to right food, sunlight and/or supplements and exercise.

I am committed to providing high quality, topical knowledge, and skin health products to the families around the world (mother-to-be, young and old, men and women) to help them make an informed decision about their health.

The mission of this website is seeing a healthier world with beautiful skin: a world knows about the healthy aspects of living and practicing it in their day-to-day life. I will be grateful if my website could help even 0.001% of the population to improve their health.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions please feel free to write below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of healthy and beautiful skin

Anusuya Choudhury


  1. It is beautifully written.
    The world would be a better place now,
    when millions of people who prioritize work and ignore their health, would get back to do both and lead a healthy and prosperous life. ?
    Thanks for inspiring all of us.

    • Dear Mithoo,

      Thank you for your time reading the post. I am glad you liked it. Keep up your high spirit and take care of your health and study. It is really important.

  2. I read the whole of you. Very inspiring blog of who you are and your concern about health. Yes, you are right to say “health is wealth”. Some people they don’t care about their health. As long as they enjoy those things that affected their health. I am not sure how healthy I am. But, I were aware and very careful on what I am eating. Organic herbal still my first choice if ever I got sick. Like you, I grown up in a rural area that organic herbal the first remedy.

    Anyway, I will try my best to check always your website.

    • Hey Nila,

      Nice to meet you. I am very happy that you care about what put in your mouth. That makes a huge difference at times in health. We really have few similar habits. You know, back home the only remedy I had was the herbal remedy and our family doctor was my grandmother.
      Thank you very much for your time reading into my page.

      I hope to see you often.

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