A Transformative “Dhanteras” Message -Not What You Think


From Lalchand Jewelry of Bhubaneswar, India to Virani and Sona Jewelers of Jackson Hts, New York, and all across the world- It is a rush for shiny gold. The roads are flooded with cars and pedestrians. Everyone wants a new piece to their storage. In fact, there is really no better day to buy gold. It is a big business in the expensive jewelry world as per the economic news.

Give it a break. STOP BUYING. Learn this new transformative message to us all on Dhanteras day. Why is anyone doing a new purchase? This is what it is.

Hindus believe, purchasing new gold, silver, and new pots and utensils are auspicious on Dhanteras day. There are mythology back-up and folk stories behind this wealth-accumulating day. You have cut off your expenses over the year to add a little bit of wealth to your already portfolio or maybe start on it. Then why am I writing this new and important message for anyone?

 Let’s look at the unusual new message that defies the established practice.

What is the significance of this new message?

Stop unnecessary material accumulation that adds a burden to an already polluted mother earth and environment.

The silent earth and the environment we live in are now speaking.

  • We lack fresh air to breathe. 
  • The air seems to be oxygen deficient.
  • How hot has our summer become over time? The temperature keeps increasing. It becomes unbearable year by year.
  • Hotter temperature leads to evaporation from the ocean that causes scary cyclones.
  • The droughts, in one part of the earth, flooding on the other part of the earth, and more consequences that are not helping us.

It never means you become nonreligious and impact your internal belief in Hindu Gods and Goddesses. For sure you do never want hurt “Ma Lami-the goddess of wealth. Celebrate Dhanteras as a special Earth Day.

So make every single day of your life and live “earth day”? What do we do on a day of this kind? We are ingrained in our century-old cultures and beliefs. We need wealth to live well. We pray and do what is already established in our society. What should be our actions to help ourselves by helping the earth we live in?



Would you rather help mother earth instead?

  • Accumulate less
  • Use less
  • Buy less
  • Be sustainable
  • Live on less
  • Reuse the material assets
  • Donate to the needy- Feel happy helping

Mother Earth is the Goddess of the Earth. She loves cleanliness. Never stop cleaning your house for Dhanteras day. 


We hope, you find this new and defiant message to the traditional celebration transforming without compromising your religious belief. We are praying and taking meaningful and intelligent actions action for mother earth (Goddess Laxmi). It is helping us to live in better air quality to breathing. You walk on better and less polluted earth with more oxygen. It offers sustainability and healthier living. In the end, the question is do we need health or material wealth. It is your decision.

Happy Transformative Dhanteras to you all in the world!

Do you have any concerns or comments would please share?


Anusuya Choudhury

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