8 Easy Tips to Drink More Water Every Day- Know the Water+

“My water bottle is my pride possession”- Annonymous

Why do I need more water every day?

The recommended total daily fluid intake of 3,000 ml for men and 2,200 ml for women is more than adequate. Higher fluid intake does not have any convincing health benefits, except perhaps in preventing (recurrent) kidney stones. Learn the importance of water in the body from one of our blogs:  What is the importance of water in the body?

All the major organs of our body- liver, brain, heart, skin, muscles, and even on need water for their health and functioning. All major biochemical reactions need water and are important for the existence of human life. Without adequate water, your vital body functions suffer. The total body water comprises approximately 50-60% of a person’s body weight as an adult.

Many don’t like the simplicity of water having any taste. There are alternatives to quench the deprivation of water in your body. This post describes alternatives to make you drink enough or more.


The recommended total daily fluid intake of 3,000 ml for men and 2,200 ml for women is more than adequate. Higher fluid intake does not have any convincing health benefits, except perhaps in preventing (recurrent) kidney stones. Here are some tips to help you drink more water if you are not hydrating enough.

  1. Add fresh and your favorite herbs to flavor your water. Add your favorite fruit slices as well.
  2. Wake up with a glass of water next to you. Add it to your daily healthy habit. Let your morning alarm remind you.
  3. Drink water, fruit juices (diluted!), and tea or coffee for your morning meal
  4. Carry your favorite water bottle inside your office bag and place it on your work desk. Proximity reminds you.
  5. Add alternate healthy drinks like almond milk and grain milk (oats, soy!) to replace some water.  Drink water with health-uplifting ayurvedic herbs (fresh moringa, bael leaves, etc.). Make green juices if they attract you.
  6. Use your App if you have a fascination with being a techie.
  7. Eat some snacks of dry fruits, trail mixes, and nuts-that increase your thirst for getting into the water
  8. Have one Motivational Water Bottles With Times To Drink. Amazon sells them.

#1. Drink Water- Add flavor with fresh herbs to taste better

Add your favorite herb to your glass of water. Enjoy the fresh herbal flavor. Use basil, mint, and lime.



#2 Place Your Favorite Water Bottle Next to Your Work Desk-Mark it.

Stay close to a water source. Carrying a small bottle in your purse always helps. There are smart and attractive water bottles in the market if you will benefit from one!



#3 Supplement Your Breakfast with Water and/or Tea

Your tea can replace some of the water requirements for the day.




#4 Eat a Snack to Make You Feel Real Thirsty



It is your reminder. Use dry nuts, chocolates, and fruits in your snack. You will feel thirsty and need water to drink.

#5 Include Hydration in Your  Daily Healthy Habits or Create One


Practice makes you perfect. Wake up with your alarm chanting- your morning water is next to you near the night lamp.


#6 Are You a Cool Techie?-Use the App

Make use of a water reminder app.

Water is essential to our lives, and drinking enough and the right quantity of water is vital for our health. Water Reminder by VGFIT will help you to calculate, how much water your body needs, will track your hydration, and gently remind you to drink water to fulfill your goal.

#7 Use Your Favorite Alternatives- Coffe, tea, soups, grain, or any kind of nut milk

  • Love coffee or tea as a daily ritual? No problem they all add to your water requirement.
  • Like soup for dinner or as an appetizer for lunch.
  • Add Heath to Water- Drink a Green juice or a healthy Leaf Tea
  • Lured by Sparkle!- Get sparkling water
  • Prepare a “Kadha” drink with water, cinnamon, black pepper



  • Add honey, cinnamon powder, and cardamom powder to warm Almond milk (which contains a lot of water, also you can make it at home). It is just delicious. Try it out and let us know…


  • Get a Soup or two for a change in your daily diet. Get even the ready-made on for lunch or both. Did you enjoy and hydrate your body as well! Yes.




#8 Arc Bottle Water Bottle With Time Marker Motivational Water Bottles With Times To Drink.

Check out Amazon for these creative bottles with a reminder. The elegant, sleek and simple design, tracks your hydration each hour.

 Improve your health with personal drink notification

Make the water your pride in living in sports, travel, gym, work, home, and wherever you are. Regarding hydration, every day is the same. Drink enough if not more.


Add creativity to your hydration and enhance your water intake. Help build your health and remove your stress.

Note- Use your doctor’s advice to make sure you are on the right path.


Is your motto of hydration the same as mine? That is drink enough water if not more wherever you are.

Do you love drinking water? What are your tips for hydration? Leave me a comment or suggestions.



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