7 Morning Habits For Good Health and Productivity [Powerful]

If morning can make your day, every morning can build your life.

Morning habits are the currency of many successful people. I have lived through these habits and am a strong believer. Rising earthly give more daylight and it is healthy. A healthy and happy person works happily to enjoy better success in life. Here are some habits I like to highlight.

While each one of the following habits is compelling, cumulatively, these 7-morning habits offer you good health and productivity.


  • Preparing earlier helps your morning rituals be less cumbersome. Organize all your weekly morning need
  • Sleep and rest well- or you fill cranky, disturbed, less energetic
  • Drink water first thing in the morning after you wake up – Your brain needs 85% water and your body needs 80%
  • Exercise and move your parts-Bring your inertia of rest to action
  • Eat nutritious breakfast- Eat with the entire animal kingdom; birds, and animals. Break up your fast and enjoy
  • Get your Vitamin D- It prevents many diseases. Love the sun and/or D-supplement
  • Yoga -Connect your physical and mental health. Relieve stress

Your Best Morning Starts The Week Before 

The morning preparation starts the previous weekend. 

  • Make a list, and shop for the week.- Breakfast for your morning, in particular.
  • Create freshness- Clean the house and organize
  • Do laundry and press your clothes- Hang them for each day of the week with accessories in a mudroom or place you can see them easily.
  • A Stress-free morning: Pencil down your do-to-list for work for each day (you can change it as you go). 

Sleep Enough and Rest Well

  • Clean up your mind Before You Sleep -Help Sooth Your Mind
    • Turn off your digital devices and refrain from browsing and looking at computers, TV, and iPhone screens. Stay off them one hour before your bedtime.
    • Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue before you sleep. 
    • Drink a glass of water
    • Check what you need before morning and make sure.
    • Go over your to-do list for the next morning and not think about it when you are going to sleep
    • Alarm clock! If you can afford not to use it can be an added value for a comforting sleep
    • Use appropriate sleepwear
    • Set your room temperature
    • Journal any issues that may bother you. Writing out frees up your mind to great extent.
    • Meditate to center your mind and body before you lie down to retire for the day.

Drink water- Your first thing in the morning

Water rejuvenates your body. It helps to get rid of the inertia of rest. The brain consists of 75% of water and needs hydration after working overnight to help repair your body. 

  • The target for 8 to 16 Ozs of water- Break your inertia of rest to vitality
    • Drink it lukewarm with an unbrushed mouth. Saliva goes inside with water to help digestion.
    • Chew water- drink slowly. Focus on drinking mindfully.

Exercise- Break your inertia of rest to action

Move, stretch, walk, lift the weight, go to the gym, squat. Anything you like to mobilize your body in the body- restart your day with energy and replace the lethargy. Get fresh air to calm your mind before you start the workday. Even just walking for several minutes helps your mental health

Breakfast- Fuel your body with smart nutrition

The morning breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat smart to help your stamina and running energy without feeling tired.

Fruits, nuts, grains, herbs, and spices all can add healthy juice. If you are a non-vegetarian you can have wider choices like eggs, fish, meat, and poultry as well. 

It’s not healthy to skip morning meals. You still can eat leftovers from previous nights if you don’t want to cook a fresh breakfast and eat. 



Brush your mouth and scrape your tongue well

Tooth brushing increases saliva flow rate that helps your digestion

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes each time. When you brush your teeth, you help remove stuck food and plaque. It prevents gum disease. It keeps your enamel strong.

You feel the freshness in the morning.

Vitamin D-The Critical Micronutrient and the Vital Body Nutrition

Yes, the body creates vitamin D from sunlight exposure on the naked skin of the body. Every cell of our body has a vitamin D receptor. The deficiency of Vitamin D is connected to >200 diseases according to scientists. Institute of Medicine has increased the optimal amount based on research. Find your level and supplement it if necessary. Talk to your physician for a dose and if you need a prescription.

Vitamin D is fat-soluble. Eat it with almond or any other nut. It’s easier. If you eat add nuts to breakfast, eating vitamin D after breakfast takes care of it.

There are Vitamin D capsules for vegetarians as well. They are gelatin-free.

Yoga- A Cumulative Benefit of Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Fitness

There are huge benefits that come with yoga as your morning routine.

A claimed mind and a centered body goes long way.

It connects your mind to the almighty increasing your mental strength.

You get your stretches at the minimum to include in your morning routine or more. Wide resources are available on the internet based on the level of your experience.


Simple good morning habits empower your mind and health.

  • Preparing earlier helps your morning rituals be less cumbersome.
  • Sleep and rest well
  • Drink water first thing in the morning after you wake up
  • Exercise and move your parts
  • Eat nutritious breakfast
  • Get your Vitamin-D
  • Yoga

Building your daily morning with wise habits and practicing them every day builds and sustains good health which is vital to the productivity and success of your life. More importantly, they are also capable of handling setbacks in life.

Anusuya Choudhury

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