5 Worst Foods for Inflammation and Joint Pain (Odisha-India)

It is always challenging when you can’t get up from your bed in the morning. Many older people are suffering from this terrible inflammation. They try to do their best with the available food. They don’t know the best they sometimes think it is the worst food for inflammation and joint pain. However, the need for knowledge and the easy availability of processed and sugary foods, drinks, and snacks mess with nutrition. Simple awareness can lift their lifestyle. 

Why do we suffer from this terrible pain? In this connection, find our recently published post about which foods reduce arthritis pain?-Best Forever Diet! Before we delve into this, let’s see the five worst foods for inflammation and joint pain (Odisha-India) -we may suffer. I am from rural Orissa and had an extended stay during the pandemic and after. The post will be mostly about my previous experience as background and the current changes I visualize. Many of you are suffering from joint pain and an inflamed body. I did some research to help this blog.


Osteo Arthritis– the cartilage holding the joints together erodes over time due to rubbing and grinding to dust. It may be due to improper maintenance, overuse, and suffering from metabolic diseases like diabetes. This blog will focus on this type of pain caused by foods. Help yourself with these restrictions of what you eat if you find it convincing enough. Any food-related pain from other types of arthritis can get relief.

#1 Eliminate Processed Food- Meat, poultry, fish grilled, charred, if you examine, sear, or fry meats at high temperatures because that mouth-watering charred flavor is actually from toxins called AGEs (advanced glycation end products) that may damage proteins in the body. AGEs are broken apart by cytokines, which can then cause inflammation.

#2 Drop Off/ Reduce Alcohol Drink- Limit uncontrolled and careless unintelligent alcohol consumption without thinking of the future. If you can’t refrain from alcohol usage, limit yourself to one or max two drinks per day

#3 Eliminate Salty and Sweet Snacks- Eliminate this nutrition-compromised and readily available. They add to obesity, distort heart function, and can elevate diabetes.

#4. Eliminate Sugary Drinks and Diary- These sweetened drinks with natural or artificial sugars can sour the day with increased inflammation and muscle discomfort.

#5. Stay away from Regular Abnormal Sleep Patterns and Continual Stress- Find yourself inside yourself and take valuable time for it. Practice your brain not to take the life strain.

Let’s delve in.

#1 Eliminate Processed Food 

We have gone international with McDonald, KFC, Tacobell, Subway, Nandood’s, and don’t forget the PIZZA hut. Sitting at home and ordering online is common these days, and the villagers are not making lines in front of these shops to try out some Western delicacies. Fried chicken, lamb, and pork sausage make it to your home. Sue, the taste is different, and order again.

These are not healthy for your pain and inflammation in your joints. Obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and cancer can creep into your body because the toxins from grilling, frying, and transfats disrupt your lipid level. I hope you got it. For some, this has been the modern way of living.

This a bad food and the best is to eliminate it.

#2 Drop Off/ Reduce Alcohol Drink


Pic:Refrain FromAlhol5-worst-Food-for-Inflammation-and-Joint-Pain-Odisha-India

You have liquor shops in villages and provisions for home deliveries available any time of the day or night. They are not hidden operations, and they don’t have to be. They are state approved. 

How many of you get drunk each night? Did you realize that you lose your memory over time, suffer from brain alertness, numb fingers, mumble, and hallucinate? The nervous system (alcohol neuropathy), heart, and kidneys all feel the damage of excessive alcohol consumption. 

The less educated villagers never know the consequences of heavy drinking. They become addicted and use the little money they or their family earn for temporary pleasure.

Let me tell you:

While alcohol is kind of a ban for you, you can control yourself to drink only two drinks a day if you are a man and one if you are a woman.

#3 Eliminate Salty and Sweet Snacks

5-worst-food-for-inflammation-and-joint-pain- salty-sugary-oily- snacks


Let me pick on the snacks with the morning and afternoon tea. When someone visits your house, you offer snacks and tea depending on the time. During these visits, the incoming guests also carry snacks, biscuits, sevs, fried boondies, fried vegetable chops, and pakoda. This day there are pastries available to purchase at any time—Samosa, papdi, dhaibara chats, pani puris, and so on. The sellers are becoming creative in adding diverse recipes and spices and a mixture of spice powders. Your mouth is watering to try out these concoctions.

Now birthdays, graduations, and weddings are big deals. Do you do it because you want to, or do you do it because someone else will think of you as not modern and living with less money, or both? Hey, I’m not here to direct you either way. But what you eat and how you treat yourself to become part of you may. It is a pain in the morning, which you never want.

The adverse health outcome comes from frying food at high temperatures. They now contain saturated fat and trans fat with increased calories. It adds weight to your body, and your joints get pressured because they cannot carry your weight.

However, the sugar in the sweet preparation worsens inflammation when ingesting them. It goes around the body along with your bloodstream.

Fried foods generate Advanced Glycation products (AGP), clogging your blood flow vehicles like arteries. If you see sudden heart strokes, these foods may be responsible for it. You avoid them.

#4. Eliminate Sugary Drinks and Diary

5-worst-Food-for-Inflammation-and-Joint-Pain-Odisha-India-Refrai- from- -Sugary-Drink-and-Diary

Pure filter water is your best drink. Now it also comes contaminated.

Coca-cola, Pepsi, ginger ale, sprite, Frutie, lemonade and ice cream, milk, Ice-cream, and similar beverages. They are heavy in high fructose corn syrup, sugar substitutes, and additives for flavor. 

Diet Coke comes with aspartame, chewing gums, and many other drinks. Aspartame as a sugar substitute may not be safe. They are sweeter than table sugar and have low calories. However, In a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journalresearchers found that potential side effects of aspartame are long-term weight gain and increased risk of obesity, as well as increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. While health authorities seem to have no safety issues, there are concerns about aspartame. The key reason behind this is the conversion of it to methanol and formaldehyde toxins. These toxins cause memory loss, neurological disorders, cause of cancer,

#4. Worst Fat and Oils

Trans fats are the worst fats. 

They increase the bad cholesterol (LDL) level of the body. They also decrease the good cholesterol (HDL) level in the body. Both of these build plaque in your arteries shrinking the blood flow. It causes obesity and inflammation. Trans fat can be a significant contributor to non-communicable diseases.  

Many vegetable oils have trans fat. Partially hydrogenated oils, soy oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, hydrogenated oil, and refined palm oil are on Dr. Cate’s don’t eat list.

As an Oriya, are you wondering about the mustard oil? To get that extra flavor, the treasured sprinkle over roasted eggplant, potato, and Badi Chura. There are controversies with the oil. 

In principle, it is an oilseed oil and should be a friendly one for you.

However, US FDA banned it many years ago, and they haven’t looked at it to remove the ban. Forty years ago, a study was conducted on rats to find if mustard oil (erucic acid) with high erucic acid showed cardiac damage. Is it harmful or beneficial to cardiovascular health in humans? No one knows so far (Jan-Feb 2022 publication).

 However, buy this non-controversial oil if your heart is with mustard oil. Yandiila Mustard oil from Amazon contains no erucic acid. If you are concerned, it is a non-GMO seed oil.

#5: Stay away from Regular Abnormal Sleep Patterns and Continual Stress- Train Your Brain

You are thinking how easy it is to say? Stree is reining my job, life, and social space. Staying away may be a dream. However, you are not a slave of your mind. Use that extra human power to bring your stress under control. Here is another post that may help you. Life is your creation.

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I hope this blog helps you with your muscle and joint pain with inflammation. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please write in the comment box, and I will try to address you as much as possible.

Disclaimer! I researched quite a bit to write this post, and I am not a professional. Always stay in touch with your Doctor and meet the appointment timeline to visit.

Anusuya Choudhury

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