5 Tips to Stay Healthy at Work Place

“Close your office door after the work day and close your mind” says Professor Doug Taber (now retired) at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware.

Have you turned obese and ugly with loaded eye bags from working long hours? Are you still worried you are always left out when a promotion goes around that depletes your inner happiness and stresses your mind?

The employees deteriorate their physical and mental wellbeing over time at the corporate jobs. Https://www.cdc.gov Have you ever bothered to look at your picture at the first day of work at the corporate and compare it with three, five or ten years anniversary? Don’t forget to compare your annul physical check-up each year as well. Ascertain your mental and physical health yourself (how you feel) and the ones from your reports.

  • Your gross physical health is a reflection of consuming healthy and well balanced diet in appropriate portions,
  • Adequate intake of water
  • Daily exercise level
  • A major part of mental health comes from
    • Work environment.
    • Family
    • Finances
    • Over or under demanding career objectives

Here are the best tips that can help you staying healthy at work.

  1. Stay at the Top Your Diet


Start your day keeping a good health in your mind.

  • Eat a super healthy breakfast either at home or office.
  • Drink water, coffee, tea or juice to your meet your fluid intake.
  • Eat a fruit as midday small snack and few nuts or sardines for mid afternoon snack.
  • Eat a lunch of reasonable portion. Eating more unmindfully or out of being greedy for food can be the cause of obesity. If you have to eat out check your menu to pick the lean diet.
  • Reserve some fruits and guilt free snacks around and purified water for drinking. Some corporations have in-house cafeteria and they supply locally available fresh fruits and healthy portions of snacks to keep their employees healthy.

Eat healthy grains, lean proteins, fruits that are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Make sure you consumed adequate amount of fluid every day. The right meals and fluid invigorate your mind, flush toxins, helps relieve stress and provides undivided attention to work.

  1. Exercise-You Win Always

Exercise has been the most ignored factor in a corporate health equation. In a demanding work heavy situation one sacrifices the exercise time to get the work done.. But building in a routine which will auto-work without your knowledge most of the time will help tremendously.

  1. Walk from your car to office preferably parking at a far off place.
  2. Stretch your arms and body while working in a computer work station.
  3. Practice breathing exercise while sitting.
  4. Walk around your office or cubicle to refresh.
  5. Keep a step count to motivate yourself.
  6. Find a friend or coworker to drag you walking on a lunch break. Get you vitamin-d from sun in a sunny day.
  7. Use a restroom farther from your office.
  8. Walk to breakroom to get your coffee, tea or snack. Avoid the left over cakes, cookies or candies that coworkers bring in to share.

Mental Health-Practice Self-awareness

You are considered a human being because of your judgement, reasoning and analytical power. Chronic stress sleeplessness can result from difficult supervisor and coworkers, unmanageable workload at corporate work environment which leaches the beauty of your mind.  Help alleviate these problems doing the following.

  • Organize your deliverables and prioritize them working with your supervision.
  • Declutter your desk. Decorate it with stress relieving flowers.
  • Plan small and big vacations to relieve stress and rest your mind.
  • Celebrate success how small they may be.
  • Use work hours effectively.
  • Participate group outing and get to know more about your colleagues.
  • Some people listen to music during their work to have an uplifted mood.
  • Stay away from office politics.
  • Avoid side comments in a teleconference.
  • Make sure you are abiding by all the corporate rules about communicating via internet to avoid unnecessary stress. Be safe.
  • Trust people testing their action in the time of need.
  • Think before you speak out.

Close your mind when you close your office door. If you become a victim of corporate politics, look for another job when you are still employed to save your sanity and mind.

  1. Computer Workstation- Sit Right

Stay Healthy at Work-Check-Your-Body-Alignment

  • Sit right in front of the computer about feet away and read or write. If you do not clearly see the letters increase the font size.
  • Check the ergonomics of your body parts. Adjust the keyboard so your wrist and fingers are at the right place. Evaluate ergonomics of your workstation from a professional employed by the company. There are adjustable standing work stations available to refrain you from just sitting or standing for health reasons
  • Use enough lighting so that you are at a comfort level not to be disturbed by too much or too deem a light.
  • Use preventive maintenance to keep your computer running smoothly every day.
  1. The Weekends and Sunday Evenings-Heal the Feel and Restart

Start the following week on Sunday evening when most successful people start their week.

  • Spend your evenings and weekends with your family and Kids.
  • Go out, take walk and meet people at your with weather permitting


You do not have to compromise your health for your corporate career. Rather learn the tips and tricks to untangle the intertwining relationship of mental and physical health with today’s corporate work load and culture to sustain your good health.

  • Eat balanced diet
  • Drink adequate amount of water,
  • Exercise,
  • Take vacation
  • Follow sound ergonomics
  • Manage weekends
  • Be career smart
    • Manage corporate communication
    • Stay at the top of your deliverables setting priorities with your supervisor




Anusuya Choudhury


  1. Good health should be something we all look out for and without a doubt, there isn’t anyone who is willing to be sick, not even for an hour. A lot of things needs to be done to keep us away from the doctor and frankly, they are very simple things. The food we take and how well we exercise is a very vital part of our health bit out of the rich and all, we don’t pay attention to it. Lastly, finding time to rest after working shouldn’t be something we joke with. 

    • Hi Benson,

      i can’t agree with you more. 

      Thank you for your time to read my article and offering your valuable opinion.

  2. Self awareness is an excellent tip, thanks for the reminder I needed this as I have in the past and sadly now have worked with some toxic people! It’s amazing that this can impact on your overall health, when you think about it. I will be making use of the tips under this area. I think this is a tip that is often overlooked when it comes to health at work, how others impact on us mentally and emotionally. Great reading here, good for a reminder and to ensure we practice this basic tip.

    • Hi Kae,

      Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Stay healthy and happy.

  3. Staying healthy is very important as health is wealth for one to live long he or she must main a stable level of healthyness. when it come to health no stone must be left unturned.

    Staying healthy must not just been something that you must be cautios about at home but work too should be a very important area to look at as you meet more people at work…thanks for shaing.

    • You are absolutely right, David.

      Thank you for stopping by my article.

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