3 Effective Tips to Work from Home-Covid 19 and You


Let me ask you “what is your biggest accomplishment in the last six months” working from home? How has Covid 19 affected you?

Is your answer “staying sane” and validating your sanity every night before you sleep?

For most, may be all of you are experiencing Covid 19 pandemic for the first time. Possibly this is the only one you may see in your entire life time. At least let’s hope so.

Life has changed seemingly overnight. Adopting to this new normal to stay home and work full time though looks easy is not. You were possibly excited in the beginning but not after several months. You don’t see sun, your friends, family, colleagues for months.

 If you are in a big city where there were more jobs this may have happened to you, The costly ultra small apartments to live in has been turned to small corporate offices. You are trapped inside working. Who knows when one will be released from this self made prison. Feel lucky today if you are 1 in 10 Americans having a job.


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However, A constant fear of losing job is clouding your room and your mind. You are surrounded with unemployed people. It is gloomy and depressing. It hangs over you.

The job is your bread and butter and provide you the shelter: the basic necessities for living. No one is taking anything for granted. What in life can be more stressful? The only certainty is like every pandemic it will be left behind us. So move as usual. Of course it is easier said than done. 

Here are 3 tips I thought out to help you out. The big one word is-


Manage yourself

Manage up

Manage down
It is never easy working from home for a corporate. Especially when you are used to working within inside the building with the colleagues when Covid 19 was not around you.

Read this article on how to reduce the impact of corona virus: https://healthhelmet.com/how-to-reduce-the-risk-of-coronavirus

You don’t see and talk to anyone in person. Neither you face your manager to see his motives. You are prone to second guess a situation which in most cases is not right and you keep generating stress.

Read this article on: https://healthhelmet.com/58-simple-and-practical-ways-to-relieve-stress-effective

How do you manage your work and life during this Covid 19 Pandemic? You know how important is management in a corporate life. A non meticulous disordered operation may be responsible for job loss. You don’t want to be unemployed to add on to the current unemployment situation. 

Here may be an order of management you may consider.

#1 Manage Yourself – You are the captain of your ship. 

  • Exercise is the key to keep your sanity. Join in a virtual work out with your friends. It helps you both ways. Keep friendship and heal your body and mind during this pandemic.
  • Do yoga and meditation to free off the stress.
  • Rest Well- Make sure you turn off the work computer and train your mind to shut off from corporate business.
  • Breath Fresh Air- Take fresh air with a mask on distancing from people if you are in green zone.
  • Journal your activities to help reduce stress.
  • Have some house plants to give a feel of outdoor.
  • Make sure you participate in corporate happy hours. Everyone is participating from home. You meet kids, families and see life beyond corporate in a casual environment. It glued you more with your colleagues.
  • Dress as if you are going to the office even if you are working at home.
  • Take control of Vitamin d in your body. Eat a supplement and food rich in vitamin D if you can not expose yourself to natural Sunlight. https://healthhelmet.com/treat-severe-vitamin-d-deficiency-empower-your-body-to-fight-and-prevent-life-threatening-diseases
  • Have a bike to exercise if you have a space.
  • Eat Warm and Freshly Cooked Food. Be careful while pick up grocery and sanitize them.
  • Drink plenty of Water
  • Stay well connected with your family, friends and parents if you are living outside alone and from home. Talk with WhatsApp and use camera to see your loved ones.
  • Have enough savings to manage few extra months in case you lose job to manage few months

# 2 Manage Up- Your Career is Your Responsibility

Meetings, teleconferences, personal messaging, corporate meetings, socialization and happy hours: you name them.

Prioritize them by color coding, never miss your business related meetings.

  • Have questions? Follow them up with the right people.

Never miss your one-on-one with your boss. 

  • Be proactive. Prepare in advance for an upcoming meeting before you sit with a client meet or conference.

Deliver your goals on time.

  • Take breaks, digital and personal to relax your mind. Then resume fresh to tackle work problems.
  • Turn every stone to deliver assignments meticulously.

Be focused on your work when there are multiple distractions around. Recognize the cause of stress and distractions.

There is so much pandemic related unemployment, Ongoing layoffs, pay cuts that you encounter around. It is worry some. It is nerve wrecking and shakes your spine when you see one of your talented friend or colleague just lost her job. It will always makes you feel how stable is mine or am I the next one?

Understand and internalize the fact that people who suffer from these are not less talented. They unfortunately have become a victim for no reasons most of the the time during this pandemic. Had it been no corona, they would have a job. 

Pandemics history is short lived compared to life time. Noway, I am reducing the impact of this drastic time. But do not stress.

Mindful meditation can be a powerful way to self control your mind.  Spend time to meditate.

#3. Manage Down

  • Be a role model to people you are managing. 
  • Practice not to show your vulnerability.
  • Be kind and helpful. Understand the situation the person is living with.
  • Help them if necessary to deliver high quality results on time.
  • Avoid misunderstanding by calling them and talking to them until the issue is resolved. 

Bottom Line

Keep your brain sharp. Understand deep down fear, stress and depression weaken the neurons. Do not put yourself down I front of you. You are here for a successful entire life. Never on earth only for pandemic only. 

Let me know your thoughts how you are managing yourself in a non-Covid mode during the Covid time.

It is always a joy to know how you are handling during this tough time. Write a comment to share.


Anusuya Choudhury


  1. This is Great. During Covid-19 i was telling myself its no need to fear because if i have fear based thoughts then what i’m doing is all going downhill. Also during pandemic it was kind of hard for me to go out for a walk in nature or going to go get sun. Covid-19 made me more successful and intelligent than i was before it started so i am grateful for that.

  2. It’s good to have someone encouraging others during this time. I went out of work due to Covid and in the beginning I just allowed myself to dress shabbily, watch too much TV and basically just give up. After some time I realised that life wasn’t stopping and I decided to try an online work from home business which I am still doing now. To date I have a routine similar to the one above, exercising, eating right and dressing up (well not really as though I were going to the office but being presentable even when I can’t go out). There is a silver lining to Covid if we choose to open our eyes to see it. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Hi Nozipho,

      Thank you for sharing your experience during Covid. It is great you are Maintaining a healthy life style now and fruitfully using your time. I am sure Covid will be left behind us.

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am very sure the quality informations here will be of great help to anyone who come across it. For me, I will call this post “another guild line to live healthy in this pandemic” as if every tips here is followed, one wont have reason to feel down and help the business go smoothly like nothing happened.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Hi Joy,

      I am glad you found this post helpful. Pandemic has taken a lot from us. Let it not disrupt our mental happiness.

  4. hellllooo Anusuya Choudhury, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing and educative content with us all, i believe these article will really go a long way so much so that it will help most internet users have an edge in online marketing, i really do fancy these post alot so much so i already saved these post so as to come back for future referencing

    • Hi there,

      I am glad that you found this post educative. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

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